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7 Day Music Club is a community that celebrates albums as a social, shared experience through focused listening and storytelling. Each issue we will focus on one crucial album from our collection to encourage a deep, 7-day focused listening session and conversation.

The Team


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Bio coming soon!


Bio coming soon!

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A music junkie — live and recorded.

  • Favorite genres include: indie, punk, hardcore, and hip-hop.
  • All-time favorite artists: Fugazi, Kendrick Lamar, Frightened Rabbit, Broken Social Scene, Lifetime.
  • First concert: Kenny Loggins. Documenting my live music history.
  • First cassette: Run-DMC’s Raising Hell.

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We love music; you love music. With each issue, we want to hear from you! We hope to spur discussion and the sharing of your own experiences with our selected albums. Be sure to visit our forums to share your stories as well.